Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Food for health

Healthy food....  Uh! What a boring topic....!  This is the feedback that we always hear but do we really know what healthy food is.  Many of us know that healthy food is food which is not oily, rich, creamy, sweet ....etc.  Bla..bla...bla.. bla...  As Malaysians, our common breakfast will be either nasi lemak or roti canai.  Kalau tak ada these foods, bukan breakfast namanya.

Anyway, healthy food is food which contain a balanced nutrients of carbohydrate, protein and fat.  Don't forget.....healthy food consist of vegetables.  Nowadays, a majority of us do not eat vegetables.  Well.. wonder why???

Sayang seribu kali sayang....kalau tak suka makan sayur sebab in Malaysia, we are blessed with all types of vegetables especially green leafy vegetables.  Ada kangkung, sawi bunga, bayam hijau, bayam merah, kobis, pucuk ubi, ulam-ulaman....etc.  Banyak khasiat...rich with vitamins and fibers for our body.   So for those who don't eat or like to eat vegetables, start to love your vegetables.  Same goes to fruits... I think that nowadays many malaysians seldom eat fruits.  Fruits rich with vitamins as well.  The good advice is to eat at least 1-2 serving of fruits per day. 

Anyway,  whatever we eat, we must eat in moderation.  If we eat too much, it can cause other problems.  Therefore, we must eat well and be healthy.

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